COOKIE files

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COOKIE files

Cookie files are small text files that are stored on your device when you go to most websites on the Internet or open certain emails. Among other things, cookies allow the web site to recognize your device and remember your history of visits to this site. Examples of information collected by cookies include the type of your browser and the address of the website from which you switched to our website, as well as IP addresses and activities in cyberspace (that is, the pages that you are viewing, and the links by which You go).

We use the term cookie to denote cookies and technologies that perform a function similar to cookies (for example, tags, pixels, web, etc.). Cookie files are available for reading the source web site at every subsequent visit and any other websites recognizing cookie files.

The website uses cookies to simplify use, provide the best conditions for users, including providing them with information and functions, as well as to provide us with information about the use of a website so that we can make sure of its relevance and proper work, as far as possible.

Cookie files on the website. We use cookies to personalize your interaction with the site, identifying your computer for security purposes and showing advertisements by us and our third -party service providers on our name on the Internet.

COOKIE Classification

  • Strictly compulsory cookie files
  • COOKIE operating files
  • Functional files cookie
  • Targeting files cookie
  • Cooking Social Networks Files

Below is a detailed list of cookies, which we use on our website. You can refuse to use each category of cookies (except for strictly mandatory cookies).

Advertising based on interests and refusal to use

We cooperate with the third parties to show advertising on our website or to manage our advertising on other sites. Our third -party partners can use cookies or similar technologies to show you advertisements based on your actions and interests.

How to refuse advertising based on interests

  • If you are in the European Union

  • If you are in the USA or Canada

Note: in case of refusal to use, the usual non-personalized advertising will still be displayed.

COOKIE file list

Strictly necessary cookie files

These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website and cannot be disconnected in our systems. As a rule, they are activated only in response to your actions similar to the request of services, the entrance to the system or filling out forms. You can configure the browser so that it blocks these cookies or notify you of their use, but in this case it is possible that some sections of the website will not work.

Functional files cookie

These cookies allow you to provide improved functionality and personalization, for example, for online chats and videos. They can be configured by us or third -party suppliers, whose services are contained on our pages. If you do not approve the use of these cookies, then perhaps some or all these functions will work inappropriately.

COOKIE targets

These cookies are tuned through our website by our advertising partners. They can be used by these companies to collect data on your interests and display relevant advertising for you on other websites. They work through a unique identification of your browser and device. If you do not approve the use of these cookies, our address advertising on various websites will not be shown to you.

How to disable cookies?

You can limit or block the use of cookies in the settings of your browser at any time. Additional information on how to do this about cookies in general, see the next pages of browser support:

Please note that certain cookies can be installed immediately when visiting the website, but you can remove them in the settings of your browser.

Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that the restriction or blocking of the use of cookies installed on the website can affect the functionality or performance of the website or prevent you from using certain services provided through it. It will also affect our ability to update the website in accordance with user preferences and increase performance.

The function "Do not track"

Some browsers make it possible to enable the function “not to track”, which sends the signals that you do not want your actions to be monitored on the network to the websites. If the “do not track” function is enabled in the browser, we automatically turn off the COOKIE files of social networks and tracking. However, if you accept cookies through our warning banner, the signal “not to track” will cease to operate, and the COOKIE files of social networks and tracking will be turned on.

Read more about the "Do not track" function.

For all questions about the use of cookie files, contact us at: