Vibero CRM for
Affiliate networks

The ideal system for managing your affiliate traffic

CRM provides all the functions necessary for the Affiliate Network: external accounts of buyers, reports and analytics of buyers, prioritization of offices and setting limits.

All in one platform.

An excellent solution for affiliate networks that want to effectively monitor and use their traffic.

By controlling the flow of traffic at all stages, you increase your profits, monitor the actions of buyers and guarantee maximum efficiency.

With Vibero CRM for Affiliate Networks, you can clearly see how your funds are being spent, who is bringing the best traffic, and identify advertisers with the best conversions for targeted marketing efforts.

The most useful traffic reports

which are always at hand and can quickly show the state of affairs in real time

Affiliate networks that use Vibero CRM have an advantage over those that do not. Not only do they have access to useful reports that can help them make informed decisions, but they also have a tool that helps them influence traffic performance at every stage. With this functionality at hand, you can increase both the quality of traffic and your profits.

Advantages of working
with Vibero CRM

Buyer management

This system is designed to help Affiliate Network owners control who will supply traffic. With easy-to-use tools, you can get the most out of your affiliates and run a successful affiliate marketing program.

Payment control

With our platform, you can accurately check at any time which leads you have sold to the Advertiser. Our system also keeps records of purchased leads from each buyer, so that any mutual settlements are at hand for any reconciliations.

Traffic optimization

Traffic optimization is the key to success in arbitrage. It's the difference between effective creative and a funnel that attracts new customers. Use tags to keep track of your target audience, budget, and overall marketing goals.

Detailed reports

Statuses set by advertisers are updated automatically, and the mobile version of the site is easy to use anywhere in the world. Get detailed reporting and data analytics with APIs for more accurate insights into your conversions.

Infinite scaling

There are no restrictions in Vibero CRM: add advertisers and integrations as needed. We perform integrations on the same day for a quick start. The number of buyers is unlimited, creating accounts for them is just a few clicks away.

24/7 support

Our Technical Support team is always ready to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your systems. We understand the importance of stable CRM operation, so you can be sure that with us your business is in good hands.